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Magic Circle

"I saw your show 'Magic Circle' tonight and would just like to say how much my son and I enjoyed it. Great story, great acting and if you have a mail list please add me to it for info on future shows. Cheers."

~Eric Furze


"Just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed ‘Magic Circle’. It was even better than I expected, funnier and more intense – we were riveted. Excellent performances from both of you, you really brought Kim's verbal sparring to life."

~Paul McCaffrey


"Hello James. Congratulations to both yourself and Michael on another excellent production with 'Magic Circle', which I saw at Wimbledon recently. As with all of your productions I have seen, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought the performances of both yourself and Michael Shon were excellent. The obsessiveness and absolute certainty of Professor Harry Cutley and the pragmatism, doubt, yet slight unsureness of Inspector Nicholas Gammell - 'Nicker of the Yard' came across very well. You also got a good sense of both the excitement and scepticism surrounding mysticism. I also liked the twist at the end; I wouldn’t have thought of that happening. Looking forward to your next production."

~Sharon Watkins


"Saw 'Magic Circle' on Saturday. Kim Newman's script was funny, intelligent and the performances were great. Nicely done"

~Ed Hartland, @Ed_Hartland


"Just seen Brother Wolf's production of Kim Newman's 'Magic Circle'... Pulpy magic excellence - sharp, funny, and sinister."

~Robert Wallis, @robertmwallis


"Fantastic evening at the New Wimbledon Studio watching Kim Newman's fiendishly enjoyable 'Magic Circle'. The Sweeny meets Wheatley."

~Rob Daniel, @Rob_A_Daniel


"Kim Newman's wonderful chiller 'Magic Circle'. Now on tour and it's rich enough and scary enough and brilliant enough to make a great long running show on the lines of 'Woman in Black'. Just two actors but they conjure up a world and a complex backstory effortlessly."

~Philip Palmer, author of 'Debatable Space'


"James Hyland and Kim Newman's 'Magic Circle' was excellent spooky fun. 'Angel Heart' meets 'The Wicker Man'."

~Stephen Jewell, @stephenjewell


"Kim Newman's new play 'Magic Circle' is well worth seeing. Smart and funny! Really enjoyed the performances, some great character interaction."

~Steve Bray


"Saw 'Magic Circle' at The Hospital Club. Great script by Kim Newman, flawless performances by James Hyland and Michael Shon. Smart, intense, funny."

~Catherine Somers, @Somers_Cat


"This evening's entertainment was the fantastic 'Magic Circle' by Kim Newman - like an occult tinged version of 'The Offence'. Riveting."

~Stephen (no V), @reluctant_gent


"An amazing show last night!"

~The Hospital Club, @TheHospitalClub


"Enjoyed marvelling at the mind of Kim Newman with the 'Magic Circle' preview tonight. Recommend you do the same."

~C.J. Lines, @cjlines


"Just back from seeing 'Magic Circle' in Harrogate this evening. Well, that was the most intense hour and a half of my week. A brilliant script brought to life by incredible acting. James, you were scary, great but scary. Well done."

~Carol Hammond


"The play was terrific"

~Mark Charnock, @MarkCharnock_, star of 'Emmerdale'


"a fab play with the very talented James Hyland (if you love the theatre and dark magic then get yourself to Harrogate Theatre. You won't be disappointed)"

~Kirsty Girty Mays

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