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Hard Times

"An inventive adaptation rich with meaning and startling visuals... It's a credit to the excellent cast of just three, who seamlessly switch between multiple, well-crafted characters (James Hyland going from sleazy to charming with ease and conviction)... Hard Times will mesmerise with its impeccably-acted, creative storytelling."

~Kerry Ann Eustice, NEWS SHOPPER


"The acting company of three do a remarkable job of fleshing out Dickens' extensive, eccentric cast list, and their multiple personae are manipulated and juxtaposed with sensitivity and illuminating wit... a genuinely epic quality in its storytelling."



"It's a dazzlingly well-conceived, dynamic piece of work in which just three performers manage to tell the story... each character is so well defined you forget they are being portrayed by so few actors... the strength of the show is the exemplary work of the players... hats off to all three of them."



"Fine acting... it is told in the most inventive and absorbing manner... With just three actors - Tom Peters, Raewyn Lippert and James Hyland - Icon has achieved something remarkable... this is a theatrical treat."

~Liz Aratoon, THE STAGE


"The actors play several characters each, swapping seamlessly between. Hard Time's successes are its energetic cast and new ideas. It is innovative in its use of mime, physical action and puppetry. [The company] here shows us how important our imaginations are in creating and responding to theatre."


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