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The Accountment of Luke

"Listening to James Hyland read 'The Accountment of Luke' was such an amazing experience for Easter. He sat at the head of the table, while we sat beside him, sharing bread and wine. The setting was perfect, open and light yet cosy at the beautiful Tea House Theatre, a wonderful venue nestled in the backstreets of Kennington. The story was captivating and brought the last days of Jesus to life in a truly compelling and endearing way. James' reading was flawless and filled with compassion and empathy for the characters. His voice was earthy and melodic. His emotions were raw, full of love, despair and genuine affection. I can't think of anyone else who could have brought the story and characters to life like he did. In his intimate and deeply personal performance you really can smell the eucalyptus and taste the bitter olives. A truly unforgettable experience."

~Gabrielle Boyle



~Audience Member


"James is the perfect actor to bring this piece to life. His rich, melodic voice brings intensity and focus to the text and ensures there is never a dull moment. The writing itself, brings the life, death and resurrection of Jesus to the audience in such a way that you can't help but engage all your senses and imagination in this story. It becomes a real, lived experience and transports you back in time. The heat, the smells, the tastes and the raw emotions that lie hidden in biblical texts are exposed and the characters live and breathe right in front of you (even getting stones stuck in their sandals at times!). To add to the atmosphere, the setting, around a large table with bread and wine bring a sense of community to the piece. I have never been to a play or reading that ends with such a sense of 'shared experience' with audience members exchanging ideas and discussing events around a family dining table. Community is at the heart of the text and, refreshingly the realities of this are brought to life in the very human disagreements the disciples have among themselves. Amusing, tragic and controversial, this piece opens up great conversations and elements will remain with you. The story belongs to every audience member in its own way. A thoroughly enjoyable evening."

~Sarita Plowman

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